Let us offer you  mobile application FORTISSIMO for watching exchange rates of your cash as well as non-cash transactions. 


How does it work?

  • Enter
    • amount of currency to be exchanged, based on which the exchange rate is calculated;
    • period of time, for watching your requested parameters (amount, exchange rate).
  • We apply maximum volume discount and as soon as it is possible, we will send you a PUSH message to your smart phone.
  • Every request will be answered in one of two possible ways:
    • request fulfilled;
    • request expired without beeing fulfilled.
  • After sending the message your request will be deactivated.

Request fulfilled - CASH TRANSACTION - what shall I do?​

  • call the choosen exchange office and confirm your interest in making requested transaction;
  • show up at your exchange office on the same day and
    • perform your transaction applying requested exchange rate;
    • or set the obligatory order and cash advance for requested transaction;
    • sent offer is valid only until the moment of releasing new exchange rates.
  • Exchange rates can be adjusted any time during the day.

Request fulfilled - NON-CASH TRANSACTION - what shall I do?

  • log in immediatelly to your payment account in ePay24;
  • set the order for making conversion by requested exchange rate;
  • offered exchange rate is valid only for a period of 5 minutes after we send the message.

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