Clients who want to start using FORTISSIMO’s services must enter into a General Contract. They can make it in one of two possible ways:


By remote access

  • Complete and send your registration form based on which we will create your Client’s User Profile.
  • Sign the General Conract (download it from your own Profile, print it out, sign it, scan it) and send it to
  • Prove your identity by
    • sending the  following documents to
      • copy of two different documents of identification (Identity Card and Passport or Driving Licence or Residence Permit);
      • copy of a document proving the existence of a bank account opened in your name at a bank branch with registered address on the territory of any EU country;
      • in case of company registration also copy of document providing the existence of the company;
    • sending your initial authorisation payment from your bank account – payment instructions are set out in section 5 in the User’s Profile.


In person at FORTISSIMO’s office

  • present required documents of identification,
  • sign the General Contract,
  • the authorisation payment not required.

After successful completion of the registration process, FORTISSIMO will send to the Client’s registered e-mail address a notification of activation our services and the scan of the General Contract signed by both parties.


Attention! A registered client automatically becomes our regular customer and therefore is entitled to all advantages when using our Cash Services.

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