Our business policy is based on the well-known principle "the larger the amount exchanged, the more favorable the exchange rate". We apply this policy in business contact with ours

  • Clients on the V.I.P. List of Exchange Offices Fortissimo,
  • Clients with General Agreement, who are also automatically on the VIP List of Fortissimo exchange offices.

For cash transactions:

  • Bonuses:
    • Discount for transactions from 2.500 CZK.
    • 0,3% - 1,5% depending on exchanged volume.
    • Any discounts we offer ONLY by paying in cash.
    • There are no discounts for card payments.
  • Group Discount
    • The group (max. 4 people) consists of the following VIP card holders:
      • Authorized persons within one General Agreement
      • Family members - family ties must be reported to the exchange office staff.

For non-cash transactions:

  • Quantity discounts
    • They are calculated on the basis of the functional dependence between the quantity exchanged and the trading margin.
  • Loyalty bonuses
    • Loyalty is valued by offering an exchange rate corresponding to the value of the sum of all the client's transactions for the last 90 days, including the currently executed transaction.
  • Bonus provided by Fortissimo will be quantified in calculated currency and in euro.
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