Limits on making payment orders

  • Limit of Unsecured Transaction (LUT). LUT is a maximum amount of a single payment transaction including Currency Conversion, which the Client can set up without providing security. Current LUT for particular currencies, see Table of LUT.
  • Limit of Payment Facility (LPF). LPF is a maximum amount which can be set by the Client by means of ePay24 within one working day. LPF is expressed in EUR and is set by the Provider. Current LPF is set at the level of 100.000 EUR. After working hours or in case of current rates refreshing system brakedown, we set LPF at the level of 15.000 EUR.
  • User’s Transaction Limit (UTL). UTL is a maximum amount of transactions, which can be set by the User within one week. UTL can be set differently for individual Users of the Client. This limit is set by the Client’s agent in the List of Authorized Persons.


May I make an order above the set limit?

  • LUT – Yes. After the Client deposits the security in the amount of 5% of the expected payment order in disposable currency on the Provider’s account. Security will be used for settlement of confirmed order or returned to the Client’s payment account.
  • LPF – Yes. Limitation applies only to the payment facility ePay24. The Client can set order over LPF by phone, in writting or in person at the Provider’s office.
  • LTU – No. User (its Authorized Person) can order only transactions up to LUT set by the agent in the List of Authorized Persons.


Table LUT

Currency Limit in currency
AUD 35 000
BGN 10 000
CAD 30 000
CZK 3 000 000
DKK 80 000
EUR 100 000
GBP 30 000
HRK 40 000
HUF 3 000 000
CHF 50 000
JPY 500 000
NOK 200 000
PLN 200 000
SEK 120 000
USD 100 000
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